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You Paid Employees During The Pandemic, Now There’s A Grant From ERC For Your Business

Zero Risk: If no savings or refunds are identified and realized, you will not owe any fees whatsoever.

*Limited Time Grant – The average grant amount is around $10K ( x ) the # of W-2 employees the businesses retained jobs for during the pandemic and if the businesses have less than 500 employees.


Any U.S. or foreign-owned entities.

Operated between at least February 2020 to late-2021.

Privately owned, for-profit or non-profit entities.

All industries.

Paid at least 5 w-2 employees, not including the owner & family relatives.

Does NOT have to have a decline in revenue.

Have not claimed the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) yet.

Over 500 employees are reviewed case by case.

Claim amount to be determined by wage, benefits the employer paid, and other factors related to the business.

The employer will receive the funds, not the employees.


Who Is Helping Businesses With This eRC Grant?

The Leader In Government Funds Recovery

As of May 2022, our government funds recovery company has worked with over 6,000 businesses and helped them get over $1.3 Billion in ERC grants.

The clients include many local, small to mid-size businesses, chains & franchises, schools, hospitalities, offices, warehouses, retail, health care, etc.

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This Once In A Lifetime


If you didn’t inquire about getting this grant your many eligible competitors may have. For some businesses, receiving the ERC grant made a significant impact immediately on their operations, and for others, they can be more financially prepared for the future uncertainties associated with the cost increase, customer spending habits & labor shortages.

Why Work With A Government Funds Recovery Company

What Are Government Claims

There are certain funds and properties the government may retain from time to time for individuals and entities they belong to and have not gone through the process of making a proper claim. While some logistics of the claims may be complicated to the claimants, the recovery companies provide a service to assist them in getting what belongs to them.

The ERC is money belonging to eligible entities, however, it must be claimed before distribution.

What Is The Cost Of Service?

There are companies that charge upfront fees regardless of the success rate. The recovery company we work with has been in business for years and has the financial capability to pay their consultants while helping businesses get their money. Their fee is based on the final amount of the claim and varies based on the complexities of each claim. The fee is proposed at the time the client reviews and signs the agreement for service.

Can You Or Your Accountant Claim ERC?

In some cases yes, if you knew or your accountant has informed you of the ERC then it would be likely you or your accountant did the research or know how to go about it. However, it will take time for an individual to learn all about the claim and try to see if it can be successfully processed. The most cost-effective way to go about it is to let a recovery company that has the experience and successful track record handle it for you.

What Is The Process?

1. 15 – 30 Mins introduction call

2. Onboarding and possibly additional calls

3. Upload documents / sign agreement

4. Focus on your everyday business and wait for your money

Get A 15 Minute No-Obligation Consultation

Get connected with our world-class government recovery company and see if your business can get this once-in-a-lifetime ERC grant!

Once we checked if your business should meet the basic criteria, you will receive an email from funding@primedigitalmarketinggroup.com with a calendar link so you can schedule your first appointment on a time you choose. The government funds recovery company’s rep will call you at the time you selected.


Our claim experts are focused on helping businesses and they use our help to connect the true owners who are interested in the ERC grants. Please do not solicit questions if you are an employee, supplier, customer, or competitor of a business and no financial details will be shared with parties other than the business owner & their assignees.


*Prime Digital Marketing Group & its designers/consultants won’t get involved with your business’s financials. You will work directly with the company and we receive a referral fee from the company after you successfully receive the funds from the ERC grant.

* It is our passion to help our business clients succeed and we would be happy to assist in any digital marketing needs.


Please save funding@primedigitalmarketinggroup.com in your email contact list to avoid any important emails going to the spam folder.

Also, save the PDMG’s business consultant/designer’s number 504-723-9269 on your phone so you can answer when we text or call.